Saturday, February 12, 2011


yellllllloooooooooow finally after two freaking alive again muhahahaha (my blog not me ...)of course im still alive dummer so now fraking staring in the facebook screen staring blankil at the facebook page waiting for more transmissions from andrienna (shes so cool so fun so awesome so friendly so artistic so funny so hyper so so so im out of breath.....)anyways grreat cny first time invited my bff here. her mum was a bit reluctant but my super good debating skill made her convinced but on the way there we kinda take a shortcut leading to her slipping and falling all over the place (only the slope) and covered in mud(well not from head to toes)then went home cleaned shoes with a soap from the kitchen toilet(like who uses the kitchen toilet anyways(except my grandmother) then went for lunch using a steamboat(no its not a mode of transport )then we spent like 1hr eating and she ate the whole plate while i ate one quarter or my plate(well the contents however is not usually found in the steamboat its more like curry sausages)then went back to my room where i hit the highset score in boxhead wif my friend.then it hit 5.30 then she gtg home i took her back to the station(of course not the shortcut)where we say bye then i went home to sit there starring at the screen blankly not knowing what to do biggest post created by me anyway gtg now cyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa